Jolly Mäh Limited Edition 2016: Jolly Backford in Giftbox

A mild breeze passes through London and whispers through the leaves on every tree and bush. 
Suddenly, the rustling of the leaves of one of these bushes gets louder and a brown sheep with long, slightly dishevelled 
fur jumps out: Jolly Backford. With the elegant fur and the courtly, a bit outdated behaviour this sheep seems to have 
come directly from the past. And indeed, Jolly Backford usually lives in the year 1899A malfunction in a red telephone 
booth brought him here. He has been touring London ever since. 

There are so many things to discover: music coming out of earphones! A big Ferris wheel! And so many friendly sheep! 
These modern times are truly amazing, but Jolly Backford is a bit homesick, nevertheless. So he and his new friends search the 
city for the one red telephone booth that will bring him home again.

Only 3,030 pieces of the 2016 Jolly Limited Edition are available worldwide. Every sheep has its number embroidered 
on the hoof and brings along a certificate of authenticity. 

Jolly Backford comes in a gift box resembling a red telephone booth. 
The soft toy special edition is made of top-quality NICI plush and cloth with herring bone lines.

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