King Lammbert the Gentle is very popular with all sheep, because he is a wonderful king. 
He enjoys to sit on his red velvet throne and hold a protecting hoof over the Jolly Mäh family. Because of 
his royal descent, His Majesty Lammbert the Gentle is the only blue-blooded sheep and thus very special.

Jolly King sits on a red plush cushion. The plush sheep wears a royally red cape 
and has a golden crown on its head. It holds a golden sceptre in its hand. 
Every sheep comes with a certificate which confirms that it is one of the 2015 original Jolly Kings.

07 August 2016 Update:

Final Batch of Restock of Jolly King is
NOW AVAILABLE! Limited units only.

NICI Jolly Mäh 2015
Worldwide Limited Edition JOLLY KING

Launching in JULY 2015
**Limited Availability**


We have sold out on Jolly King!
Thank you to all customers for placing your orders with us. 
We hope to be able to restock this Limited Edition piece again soon, 
so do check back again, or follow our Facebook Page for latest updates.